Gibson Photography

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Procedures for booking wedding or event:

Once you have decided to book me for your big day there are several steps that must be taken.

Deposit: First I require a $150 deposit to hold your date. ($75 to hold an engagement/senior session) You can pay by cash, check or Paypal, (if you choose paypal I will send you a money request to your email). Until I receive your deposit someone else can still come in and reserve your date, intention to pay does not hold it and simply inquiring does not hold it. If you live in the Slidell-Chalmette area and would like to meet me to pay and sign your contract then we can do it all at once. If you live out of town or just do not have time to meet you can pay via paypal or mail a check to me and I will than mail you copies of the signed contract along w/ photo releases and a receipt. I also adjust prices with my increase in experience so if you do not sign a contract w/ the price at the time of inquiry then there is no guarantee my fees will still be the same later on when you do finally decide to book. However if I have quoted you a price I will honor that. Please note: deposit is non-refundable unless photographer has an emergency.

Contract: We will also write up a basic contract that will be signed either when you meet me to pay your deposit or after I have received payment in the mail. If I mail out your contract you will also get a self addressed envelope to mail me back a copy in, it’s really quite simple. Or you can print the contract and release and mail them in w/ your deposit and I will mail you another contract w/ my signature. I will email you a copy of the contract to look over before anything is signed.

The information I need for a contract is:

Event date, times I am needed, (I must be scheduled at least 15 minutes before your ceremony starts) the time you book me for on your wedding day must be consecutive, (like 4-9pm etc)

The start time of ceremony

Location of events, Name of place and the exact address. (church at the end of acme st, is not

Bride and grooms full names, an address (where you would like your info mailed) phone number and email. and an additional phone number to reach you at the day of event. like a maid of honor or mother etc. this person will only be called if i need to reach you and can not.

The contract will also list the price for your session and what you get for that price. It’s just one page and very simple, no fine print.

Details such as your theme, how many people are standing in your wedding and portrait lists are not needed until just before your wedding. I will call or email you a week or 2 before the scheduled date to get this information, as I work so many weddings in a month I like to keep this information fresh and these things tend to change up until the last minute anyway, so they are not vital for the contract. I like to work close w/ my brides if you like and we will sorta walk through the day over the phone to help ensure things run smooth. I want you to feel like either A: you didn’t even know I was there or B: you feel like you have a good friends photographing the day that help when needed.